Course completion

Prior to enrolment in the qualification, you are required to complete a ‘pre-training review’ to ensure you have the capability to complete the course. The pre-training review will assess your comprehension and understanding of English and your IT capability.

The course is arranged to enable you to complete it in a 3 to 6 month timeframe. However, if needed, you have up to 12 months to complete the qualification (there are no minimum timeframes). If the qualification has not been completed at the end of the 12 months you can apply to re-enrol. Please note, re-enrolment fees will apply.

Australian Fitness Academy Asia will provide you with unlimited support to assist you to complete the qualification in the 12-month timeframe.

On completion of the qualification, you will be issued with the Certified Personal Trainer course. At this point, you will have the skills and knowledge to be able to work as a Personal Trainer. There is also a requirement to complete a First Aid qualification and check whether your country has registration, accreditation and insurance requirements for personal trainers.


Payment terms and conditions

The course fee will differ depending on which country you are located in. Please see the following pricing options:


Option 1 – Upfront: $1,500 SGD if paid in full upon enrolment into the course

Option 2 – PayPal Pay in 4: $1,800 SGD (4 x $450 SGD payments per fortnight)

Option 3 – Direct Debit: $1,900 SGD (including $100 SGD deposit, then either $60/week or $120/fortnight)














Additional fees will be incurred under the following conditions:

  • If the qualification is not completed in the 12-month timeframes, the student can apply to re-enrol for an additional cost.


Refunds & withdrawals including deferment

There is a 7-day cooling-off period from the start date of the course. If you decide you no longer wish to complete the qualification, you can apply to withdraw. If you apply within the 7-day cooling-off period and return a completed Withdrawal Form, you will be refunded the fee paid less a $100 AUD (equivalent in local currency) administration fee.

There are no refunds after the 7-day cooling-off period.

Students who do not complete the qualification after the 12-month timeframe will be recorded as ‘fail’ and will be withdrawn from the course.

Students are unable to defer their course or transfer their enrolment to another person.


Integrity of assessment including plagiarism and cheating

AFA Asia is committed to upholding standards of academic integrity and honesty. Plagiarism and cheating in any form is unacceptable and will be acted upon appropriately. Gaining or attempting to gain an accredited qualification through plagiarism, cheating or fraud is an extremely serious action and is considered as a crime.

Plagiarism: To take the ideas or comments of another person and present them as one’s own without providing appropriate acknowledgement. This includes material from any source, staff, students or the internet.

Cheating: To seek to obtain an unfair advantage in written or practical work required to be submitted or completed for assessment.

AFA Asia staff and students both have a duty to ensure all students gain the necessary academic understanding to prevent incidents of plagiarism and cheating.

If an incidence of plagiarism or cheating is detected and the student is unable to provide a satisfactory explanation to the similarities between the student’s work and the original source document, the student may be withdrawn from the qualification and prevented from re-enrolling. Under these circumstances, students will not be eligible for a refund of fees.


Student Code of Behaviour

All students of AFA Asia are expected to behave in a way that represents themselves and AFA Asia in
a professional manner whilst studying online and during practical placement.

All students are expected to:

  • Observe all policies and procedures of AFA Asia (and host facilities during work experience
    practical placement).
  • Act in a manner that does not bring AFA Asia into disrepute.
  • Not engage in behaviour which could be considered threatening, harassing, intimidating,
    discriminative, offensive, bullying or abusive in any way.
  • Respect the privacy, rights and dignity of other students and AFA Asia personnel.
  • Communicate with other students and AFA Asia personnel via appropriate channels and in a
    respectful, courteous and appropriate manner.
  • Submit their own work.
  • Refrain from creating, contributing or participating in communications related to their
    qualification (such as forum discussions, social media groups/pages and websites) that are
    not authorised by AFA Asia.
  • Use the online learner management system (LMS) appropriately, engaging in honest and
    respectful behaviour and communication.
  • Adhere to the guidelines outlined in the Practical Placement Agreement for Work Experience
    during periods of practical placement work experience.

Incidents of serious misconduct will amount to exclusion from your course. In this instance, no
refund will be given and outstanding instalments on course fees will be payable.